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Wedding Coordinator

No stress, just get dressed and I'll do the rest


Day of Coordinator

[dey, uhv, koh-awr-dn-ey-ter]

​Do not let the word "day" fool you. A Day Of Coordinator works with you as early as 2 months before your big day. Their main role is to ensure that your special day is carried out exactly how you envisioned it​ and ​prepares all the little details you may tend to forget.​ They are someone you need if you want to wake up on your wedding day and only have to think about getting married.​ ​Think of it as though you were hiring​ ​Tinkerbell, bringing light and fairy dust into the creation of your big day.

Synonyms: great investment, stress reliever, life saver, stage manager

About Me

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My vow to you is to get to know you​, hear your love story and make you wedding day exactly how you’ve envisioned it.

The planning was the fun part! All the girls' nights while making centerpieces, moving around seats to make the perfect seating chart, the millions of ideas for head table design, the choices of hors d'oeuvres for your guests, the surprises to entertain and the food tastings. Am I right? But how will you ensure that all that planning will pay off if it doesn't run smoothly? That's where I come in, I pledge to you that your day will run without a hiccup as I promise to handle it with care and great attention!

My social skills, attention to detail along with my relaxed but efficient attitude will leave you feeling full of resources and optimism before your big day. Working with couples is joyful, and I promise to be ​of assistance from the day we meet, until the day you are happily married. I ​do ​believe that the process is just as important as the day itself​ therefore with me​ you will have access to other small businesses in the city with whom I have had the pleasure to work with. Together, we can bring to life that “Wedding” Pinterest board you’ve been curating for quite some time now!

Where to begin? Combining my passion for helping people and the love of planning has always lead me to become an event planner. I would say my passion started back in high school when it was time to plan our 12th grade prom. I found the greatest happiness in putting together my organized skills, my creativity and my people skills to test and develop an event that would stay in people’s memories forever. There is definitely something uplifting in being able to organize something that people will cherish memories forever. From then I have grown into teaching myself ways to build confidence and develop skills by organizing dinner parties, friends and family’s birthdays or baby showers and even full weddings. Obtaining my diploma definitely made me realize that the career path I have chosen is definitely the right one for me. I then went towards a different path of corporate events and meetings and conference which I absolutely adore. But weddings will forever be held close to my heart because you dream of your special day your whole life.


The Last Detail Package
(1 week before the Big Day)

1 Consultation

1 Reception Decor Setup

Labour of Love Package
(2 weeks before the Big Day)

1 Consultation

1 Ceremony Setup

Simple Package
(3 weeks before the Big Day)

1 Consultation

1 Rehearsal

1 Ceremony and Reception (No Labour)

Elegant Package
(6 weeks before the Big Day)

1 Consultation

1 Rehearsal

1 Ceremony and Reception

Bedazzled Package
(8 weeks before Big Day)

2 Consultations

1 Décor Session

1 Rehearsal and Dinner

1 Ceremony and Reception


  • Wedding Photo Sylvie

    "My husband and I planned our wedding ourselves. We had booked all the locations, vendors and attire. The only thing left was the timeline of the day. All of our vendors wanted to know what time we were doing what and this being our first time we did not know where to start. Then we met Samantha. She was super bubbly and positive but most of all organized. She was extremely knowledgeable about weddings and knew what to do. Furthermore, she understood our vision and brought it together for us. Thanks to her coordination, our day went perfectly. Our wedding was truly magical and part (or most) of the magic was done behind the scenes by Sam. From opening the doors for my big entrance to throwing the confetti after our first dance. She does it all and we highly recommend her to any couple who would like to take the stress out of coordinating their day. We loved Samantha and you will love to have her on your team for your big day!"- Sylvie and Jeff Larose

    July 8th 2017


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